The 6th International Workshop on Logics, Agents, and Mobility (LAM’13)

* Important Information *

LAM’13 took place in December 2013 as a by-invitation working group meeting.

The aim of this series of workshops is to bring together active researchers in the areas of logics and other formal frameworks on the one hand, and mobile systems on the other hand. The main focus is on the field of applications of logics and calculi for mobile agents, smart intelligent solutions and multi-agent systems. Many notions used in the theory of agents are derived from philosophy, logic, and linguistics (belief, desire, intention, speech act, etc.), and interdisciplinary discourse has proved fruitful for the advance of this domain. Outside of academia, the deployment of large-scale pervasive infrastructures (mobile ad-hoc networks, mobile devices, RFIDs, etc.) is becoming a reality. This raises a number of scientific and technological challenges for the software modelling and programming models for such large-scale, open and highly-dynamic distributed systems. The agent and multi-agent systems approach seems particularly adapted to tackle this challenge, but there are many issues remaining to be investigated. For instance, the agents must be location-aware since the actual services available to them may depend on their (physical or virtual) location. The quality and quantity of resources at their disposal is also largely fluctuant, and the agents must be able to adapt to such highly dynamic environments. Moreover, mobility itself raises a large number of difficult issues related to safety and security, which require the ability to reason about the software (e.g. for analysis or verification). Logics and type systems with temporal or other kinds of modalities (relating to location, resource and/or security-awareness) play a central role in the semantic characterisation and then verification of properties about mobile agent systems. There are still many open problems and research questions in the theory of such systems. The workshop is intended to showcase results and current work being undertaken in these areas with a focus on logics for specification and verification of dynamic, mobile systems.

The topics of interest lie in the area of logics and concurrent systems with a focus on the special application domain of mobile systems and (multi-)agent-based systems, such as:

  • Applications of logics and/or multi-agent systems
  • Smart/intelligent solutions
  • Models of concurrency
  • Models of resource-bounded systems
  • Models of location-based reasoning
  • Logics for concurrency with a perspective on mobility
  • Models of mobile systems
  • Verification and analysis techniques
  • Related programming models

Scopes of Interest The main topics of interest include

  • applications of MAS
  • logics for specification and reasoning about agents, MAS, and mobile systems
  • treatment of location and resources in logics
  • security (e.g., in ad-hoc networks)
  • temporal logics and model checking
  • type systems and static analysis
  • logic programming
  • concurrency theory with a focus on mobility or dynamics in agent systems.

Welcome to LAM’13

LAM’13 took place in December 2013 as a by-invitation working group meeting.